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my best friend husband to be in haynesville, he is two hours from home its not a good drive, i have tried every way possible to get a sentence reduction and talked to everybody in the case it has been a nightmare his ex took everything he owned alot of things, but they are things and what goes around comes around i would love to know a way of helping him get home he has five more years starting in january any ideas pls let me know all we want to do is start our new life together, as we have know each other for many years even before this thanksmy son is at keene mtn i know very little about any other prison. I'm not exactly thrilled about their visitation rules but it could be worse. I made a good contact connection there: Officer Laurel Corner. She always answers my e-mails ASAP and overall is really nice.

The only way I could think that you may help your friend is to try and help to get the sb75 passed. If you ever have any questions or concers, I would suggest contacting her.

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