Both Le Pen and Fillion are known for their desire to stop the flux of immigration and if possible send some back to their countries of origin.Both want to deprive children born on French soil to foreign parents from acquiring the French citizenship at the age of 18 and prevent them from being schooled if their parents are illegal immigrants.This fiction by Abderahmne Sissako has a clear purpose: to show the limitations under the oppression of fundamentalism, that leaves a part of Africa without identity: no songs, no dances, a place in crisis, without resistance.And the Mauritian filmmaker does so though different characters in the Timbuktu desert, between Islamic and Africans, under the sonority of English, French, and Arab, and from the cultural barriers that paradoxically, are blurring the frontiers of this continent. examiner – report of Mehsana, Vadodara, Godhra, Ahemedabad, Surat, Gandhinagar, Valsad, Amreli, Rajkot.- marking on posts, disposal of remaining paras - camps at district level- meeting of accounts officers of the district panchayats - all work regarding savings and excess expenditure of the district panchayat.Its computerization work-correspondence with Kutch and Kheda districts. F, advance bills other advance bills preparing and get them sanctioned – Reconciliation with A. office – Maintenance of service books of class 1 and class 2 officers; maintenance and lapidating of g.p.f.

You might have had an experience being in a place that you seem to recognize or seen a person that gives you the impression of familiarity and it seems as if you knew this person even though you just met.Doing that, Timbuktu develops a series of little histories with care of the details, with kids, mothers, daughters, neighbors, which link with each other according the “crimes” they commit.In times, it seems like the filmmaker is driven by compassion for the evil doers (like the scene where one watches the Islam members dancing), but then it turns to showing a series of punishments, like the lapidating or whippings, taken from a theater of horror, and also affirming this notion of Manicheism that rules all religions.Apart from all these similarities in viewpoints of the candidates of the right wing and extreme right on national affairs they also have similar opinions on various international affairs including support of Russian military interventions in Syria. Since the beginning of humanity, humans search and find in Nature solutions to end hunger, to cure illnesses and to benefit themselves cosmetically.

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chief minister regarding pension- Consolidation of information of retiring offices/employees – Provide their computer station details to Dpp. Correspondence with Bahruch and Janagadh districts work of remaining audit pares.

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