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This video is much more than a cheaply gratuitous attempt to show a naked porn star... Will never beat 3D boobies, now that is impressive! more like throwing a hot dog in a subway tunnel and @ bonerboy... you dont know him (not defendin him) ..we all have a shot at whoever we want.. but woman are easy dude..none are unlike the other.

Well they don't pop out in your face like with a 3D TV do they? Blubblubblubblubblubblubblubb lubblubblubblubblubblubblubblub blubblubblubblubblubblubblubblu bblubblubblubblubblubblubblubbl ubblubblubblubblubblubblubblubb lubblubblubblubblubblubblubblub blubblubblubblubblubblubblubblu bblubblubblubblubblubblubblubbl ubblub lol ... The one of the two girls dancing with their tops off was pretty good too.

I'm not familiar with Open CV or computer vision software though, so I can't say for sure if it's been done.Not only that, there's an open source, cross platform driver set available so you can do whatever your perverted little heart wants with this poor piece of future, thus continuing the human condition of "not being able to have nice things." (Full disclosure: Some of the code in those drivers is my fault, as is the code integration.) But, for those of you have haven't read up yet, here's a quick kinect overview. Masturbation and general self-manipulation is something that's out of the kinect's normal operating procedure, but I'm sure we'll figure something out. The above picture is actually from logitech's quickcam avatar suite, but this is so happening on kinect like so ASAP it's not even funny. It does this by projecting evil rays onto whatever is in front of it and then seeing how much the evil distorts and using that to calculate distance. Being hit by the kinect camera is evil, and is a sin. With masturbation, however, the kinect does not make this a trivially solved problem.Furious Fanboys and Polygon have detailed accounts of multiple users from the Xbox forums, Reddit, Neogaf, Game Faq and Twitter who claimed they were banned for using profanity in Skype and in the Upload Studio app.Those claims were soon verified by Microsoft, when Polygon contacted the company and received the following response regarding the bans...

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