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We even talked about potential snags and had disagreements … We decided to meet last week, he was going to send me a ticket to go to where he is. z was supposed to be the last) who would be my next real relationship. We even dabbled with potential in the “love” department. He wanted to be completely honest with me and wanted me to be completely honest with him. Things weren’t perfect, he was a bit of a baby when he didn’t get what he wanted but we always worked through it. When Ali confronts Justin, he immediately packs his bags and bolts, forcing her to follow him as tries to hide from her and the cameras.Needless to say, he was sent home without a rose within the first 15 minutes of the show. Did his career in entertainment wrestling give him some practice with real acting?He might have all the qualities that make him “perfect” on paper, but in real life, it could be a very different situation. If you’ve put him on a pedestal, then when his flaws are revealed at a later stage, he’ll fall harder off that pedestal — and you’ll be even more crushed by your disappointment because you expected him to be so perfect. Guys who come across as perfect tend to be really nice.You might end up bored AF because there’s no spark or you realize you wanted someone different. However, if they’re too nice, your warning bells should ring. What’s the problem with a guy who seems to want to give you all his love and attention?

He seemed so excited to finally meet me and had a whole schedule planned, he even let me know what sorts of clothes I will need for what we’re doing. As we watched Justin awkwardly hobble (he's recovering from a foot injury he sustained before the season started filming) through flowerbeds and across fountains in a complete act of cowardice to avoid confrontation last night, we were reminded of when just a few weeks ago, he limped a few miles to surprise Ali with an impromptu visit. (We doubt it.) Was it his injury that made us sympathize with him?(Maybe.) Or was it that his boyish good looks combined with his seemingly charming ways that won us over? As perfect as a man may seem, remember: he's still human.He’s probably been inundated with compliments, and they’ve very likely gone to his head. Sure, they’ll charm you in the beginning, but as time goes on, the Mr.Perfects of the world will expect you to do all the work. They’re so used to women craving them and bending over backward to please them. Perfect in theory doesn’t always mean perfect in real life.

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