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The other libraries are still present (and useable) on your computer.

Once you have confirmed that the unified library is working correctly, you may wish to remove the other libraries from your hard drive.

While it may be doable for those with only a few libraries to manage, for those with a number of different libraries, the following approach may be more streamlined: When you do this, a second instance of the Photos application will open, and will request you select a library.

Do this for a different library, and you will now have two Photos windows on your screen with different libraries open.

While Photos has a number of pros and cons, it does share a limitation of its “i Photo” predecessor, in that while it uses a library system for managing photos and offers an option to create multiple libraries, it can only have one open at a time.

i Photo Library Manager lets you merge libraries while weeding out duplicate photos in the process.

You will be shown a preview of what your merged library will look like before any modifications are done, to ensure your merged library looks how you want.

Note that copying in this manner may cause Photos to briefly hang and show your cursor as a spinning beachball, but do not interrupt the process.

After a short while, your photos will be copied and show up in your second library.

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