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“I just got to my mother’s cabin in the woods in southern Utah, and I’m still shocked and amazed. She was the kind of person that is just great to be around.

Just to be in the same room with her was a pleasure.

The six actors who played the rambunctious Brady Bunch siblings on the hit '70s sitcom paid tribute to TV mom Florence Henderson, who died on Thursday, November 24, in a series of posts and interviews.“I have not had many people this close to me pass,” Barry Williams, who played eldest son Greg Brady, told the Daily News Friday.

Privileged to have known her and the kindness of her heart. RIP HW— Christopher Knight (@Chris Knight Home) November 25, 2016“I woke up today to the sad news,” the 55-year-old actor said.But viewers who don't mind the wholesome tone and slow pace will find much to like, in particular the sweetness of the Brady family bonds.There's little to worry parents on ; even the teen Bradys don't drink, smoke, swear, sneak off to have sex, or sass their parents.It was popular enough, though, to make it through five seasons, which was notable in that it gave the show enough episodes (117) to meet the then-minimum threshold for successful syndication (for years, 100 episodes was the figure series generally had to hit to be successful in syndication. It was while in syndication and airing daily on stations all over the country that the show became a cultural sensation, and there have been numerous sequels and remakes of the series ever since.The seemingly perfect Bradys have become cultural icons and as such, any possible salaciousness involving the Bradys is latched on to with glee.

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