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sessions in 1966, is one of guitardom's true holy grails.The guitar—which can be heard on the Bluesbreakers' powerful recordongs of "Hideaway," "Steppin' Out" and "Have You Heard"—was famously stolen after the young Clapton finished recording the album with John Mayall, John Mc Vie and Hughie Flint—and has never been seen again.

Each Diamond Bottlenecks glass slide is created in our workshop to your exact specifications and preferences to allow for total comfort & playing pleasure - a complete customised service to slide guitarists.

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Julian’s Hofner guitar was given to him by myself in Toronto at a Massey Hall concert during his first tour.

Second, because working on the series would let me be an almost full-time mom and raise my kids.”2.

The ‘s success contributed to her divorce from actor Jack Cassidy.“The stratospheric success of the show took its toll on my marriage to Jack,” Jones writes.

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